Though we do not charge anything for our ringtones, normal messaging and/or data charges from your wireless carrier may apply.

In order to enjoy ringtones from, your handset must support MP3 playback and be capable of receiving MMS messages (picture & sound files) or be WAP-enabled.

However, possessing these features does not guarantee that your handset will be able to properly receive and use our ringtones.  If your handset is not compatible, you may shop for one that is HERE.  

General Instructions
Please consult your handsetís user manual for more detailed instructions if necessary.

Fill in the form to order your ringtone.

On regular handsets, you will receive a text message with a download link, if you use a Smartphone, the download link will be sent to the email address specified.

As we all know, wireless networks arenít 100% reliable. The ringtones will generally arrive within a few seconds, but please allow at least ten minutes before re-sending the ringtone.

Depending on your handset model, you may be able to simply click on the download link to access the ringtone, or you may need to cut and paste the URL or perform some other function to start the download.

Once downloaded, the file can be saved and set as a ringtone.

The download links generally will not expire, so please feel free to forward them to others if you like!